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Are You Sexually Invisible??

Yes, Unless She Smells "Pheromones" On You!

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Just over a century ago Charles Darwin introduced a theory called evolution that

shocked the world. People were outraged to learn that we humans, while a

different species, were closely related to animals. In fact, we now know through the

science of DNA that genetically, humans are nearly identical to Apes, there being

a mere one percent difference that separates us. Civilization has concealed that

small difference from our CONSCIOUS MIND, BUT NOT FROM OUR

SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. WE still react to the same physical stimulus as all

animals do, and that was confirmed recently. Fortune Magazine in their column

"Technology" reported that a "SIXTH SENSE" had been discovered in humans: An

organ in the nose called the Vomeronasal organ that has only one purpose; the

detection of odorless sex pheromones.

It may be distasteful to watch animals sniff each other, but we know that we humans are

affected in the same way by scents given off by each other. In fact, we have an AURA of

natural aromas that sexually stimulate the opposite sex, UNLESS WE WASH AWAY THESE

PHEROMONES! The discovery that our animal ancestry still functions in us has sparked a

massive investigation of how humans react to aromas, and all the natural scents that occur in

nature. This discovery has prompted commercial use. It was found that a certain scent

diffused in a gambling casino created an increase of 20% in the amount gambled. Other

studies have demonstrated that scents can be successfully used to diet. Soon stores will

release scents to boost sales.

Nature's most urgent concern is REPRODUCTION.

All living things have built in programs (DNA hard wired) that promote reproduction. The most

potent physical stimulus to activate sexual reproduction is AROMA. Male animals (that

includes us) give off a scent that provokes all females of the same species to become

sexually aroused and to eagerly seek sex from the male upon whom they detect the scent.

This scent is called the MALE SEX PHEROMONE. Chemically this hormone is amazingly

similar amongst all species. It is so potent a sexual stimulant that female boars smelling it on

male boars immediately put themselves in a mating posture in preparation to be mounted by

the male! Likewise: nature never intended human females to seek long courtship, but

designed women to become immediately aroused and to prepare instantly to copulate,

because long courtship did not foster the survival of the species. Civilization interferes in

several ways to short circuit the built in trigger to human female sexual arousal.

Peer pressure is the strongest motivator of human behavior and society

simply does not, and will not accept women exhibiting the same raw sexual urge as men. While this attitude flaunts nature, it nevertheless influences women. Another study verified the male distaste for male

sex pheromones detected on women. Men assigned to evaluate female job applicants were

presented applications, some of which had been sprayed with male sex pheromones. The

men reacted unfavorably to the sprayed job applications, and rejected highly qualified women

because of the scent. A similar experiment in which one urinal in an array of urinals was

sprayed with the male pheromone caused men to avoid that urinal. The conclusion: like

animals, human males react to another man's scent and avoid his territory and his female.

And like animals, human females are sexually attracted by the male pheromone, while males

are simultaneously repelled. A neuro-physiologist has devised an electrical instrument to

measure the response of the VNO organ to various substances. When neutral substances

were introduced into the nose of the subject, no reaction took place, but when a

pheromone was released into the nose, the needle tracing the effect on a graph nearly rose

off the paper. Since pheromones are odorless, this demonstrates that sexual scents affect

human behavior on a subconscious level.

Scientific Proof

In a research project in which scientists were

studying how a male hamster determines which is the DOMINANT MALE, they found that

two male hamsters in the same cage would always determine which was DOMINANT within

an hour and accept their STATUS as dominant or subservient. Female hamsters brought in

later would quickly chose the DOMINATE MALE TO MATE with despite no visual evidence

as to which male had established his dominance. The scientist concluded that the female

hamster detected the winner, THE DOMINANT MALE by his scent, suggesting that the

DOMINATE MALE produced a STRONGER release of the male sex pheromone than the

loser, who went without sex as the females stood in line to mate with the DOMINANT MALE

RATHER THAN MATE WITH THE LOSER. The above research was conducted by various

Universities and research lab's as herein listed: The University of Southern California' Society

of Cosmetic Scientists; the scientific journal, "Hormones and Behavior," Dr. McClintock of the

University of Chicago research conducted by Monti-Bloch M.D. and scientist L.Stensaas;

Brown University; Occidental College; The College of William and Mary; and The University

of Pennsylvania.




The recent discovery that the scent of the male sex pheromones sexually arouses women

has led to an even more astonishing discovery. When men detect the scent of male sex

pheromones on a woman, they ignore the woman and show no sexual interest in her. This

extraordinary circumstance became clear when scientists realized that humans, like animals,

are also affected by scents.

The explanation was simple when viewed in that light. It is a

common practice amongst all male mammals, including humans to be affected by sexual

scents. Male animals mark their territory by urinating at the borders of their space. Male urine

carries the sex pheromones and it is this hormone that attracts females and warns other

males that this territory is taken and the females within these scented borders are his. The

other males accept this territorial marking, offer no challenge, and ignore the females. In

effect the scent of male sex pheromones on a woman acts as an aroma chastity belt. As men

are the aggressors in relationships, women would not be inclined to stray if they were not

pursued. A woman is very unlikely to pursue a man that shows no interest in her, and in fact

demonstrates subconsciously through body language and verbal response that he is

UNINTERESTED! If you were to put male pheromones into your woman’s perfume, She

would actually be wearing a MALE REPELLENT!


Fortune Magazine reported in their column "Technology" that humans, just like animals have

a "sixth sense". Researchers discovered that an organ in women's noses called the

"Vomernasal Organ" (VNO Organ) has only one purpose and that is to detect the sex

pheromones emitted by men only. These pheromones are designed by nature, and they too

only have one purpose, to sexually arouse women and prepare her for sex. It is a scientific

fact that women are sexually attracted to the man that emits the strongest sex pheromones

scent. It is also a scientific fact that the higher your testosterone levels the more sex

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The Primal Concentrate

Cupid's Spark

The Pillow Spray

The Dark Continent

The Dominant Male Colognes

Overkill Colognes (#22, IAN)

Pheromone Incense and Candles


MEPHISTO invented the PRIMAL CONCENTRATE to give you the power to attract women more than other men and as lab test prove: our Primal is 80 times stronger than our regular cologne, but it is 90 times stronger than Realm and more than a 100 times stronger than Score or Bang. This means you will not meet a rival who has a stronger scent and REMEMBER the strongest scent is the basis for her choice!


This Bottle of highly concentrated pheromones permits you to use it as is, or add it to your cologne or to her perfume. IT IS BOTH: A FEMALE SEXUAL STIMULANT AND A MALE REPELLENT!

The Primal Concentrate...$90.00


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Combined (for the first time) both MALE and FEMALE sex pheromones PLUS A BOTANICAL EXTRACT THAT INCREASES BLOOD FLOW TO YOUR PENIS creating a SEXUAL FRENZY in HER,

Cupid's Spark...$29.95 Add Cupids Spark to cart

The Pillow Spray

Simply spray a fine mist on her pillow just before bedtime. Within seconds of her head hitting the pillow this special formula containing both male and female sex pheromones along with six famous botanical sexual stimulants goes to work sexually arousing her by increasing blood flow to her vagina and making her nipples erect. One thing's for sure, she won't say she has a headache tonight . Can also be used on first dates, simply spray on the headrest in your car before she gets in you won't get a few blocks before she's turned on and getting wet.

The Pillow Spray...$49.95

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The Dark Continent


6 month supply

This Cologne uses a rare African jasmine and the blossoms of one of the rarest violets in the world, that only grows in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro.


The Dark Continent...$49.95

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The Dominant Male Colognes

Regular Size- $19.95

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Large Spray Bottle- $49.95

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Our Versions of World Famous Colognes


* Cool water

* Old Spice

* Michael Jordan

* Jovan Musk

* Drakkar

* Brut

* Aspen

* Nautica

* Canoe

* Escape

* Jump

* 5th Ave.

* Beverly Hills

* Black Man

* Colors

* Eddie Bauer

* Fendi

* Giorgio (men)

* Perry Ellis

* Red Door

* Wings

* Latin Love

* Stetson

* Boss

* Sex on the Beach

* Polo

* Calvin Klein

* Gucci (men)

* Tommy Hilfiger


Exclusive from MEPHISTO

Over the last several years, we have been bombarded by requests for a

cologne that contains the same level of pheromones as our Primal

Concentrate. We have explained that the Primal is designed to be mixed

and diluted into colognes, or other beauty products, and that full

strength is not necessary, because the female nose can only detect up to

a certain level of male pheromones at any given time, and that anything

more would be a waste of pheromones, and therefore ”OVERKILL”, yet

many of our customers use our Primal Concentrate full strength, for this

Overkill effect. Well here it is… and it is available in two of the world’s

most unique scents, for the same price as our regular Primal

concentrate. Overkill Cologne is only available in the large spray

IAN Cologne

According to Scottish courtship ritual; a young Scottish Lad would take his young

Lassie for a walk in the Moors and gather freshly harvested heather and Scottish

moss, to be combined with the red hot poker flower, native to the Scottish Sea

Shore. The combined fragrances of these plants emit a strong alkaline that acts

as a neuro-toxin on the brain. This creates a sense of euphoria, leading to

heightened sexual arousal. That is why many a lad came out of the moors with a

huge smile on his face. When mixed with the human sex pheromones of the

Primal Concentrate, there is not a stronger sex magnet on the Earth.

This scent is so unique it cannot be duplicated.

One Year Supply...$90.00


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# 22 Cologne

Each bottle of # 22 Cologne contains the essence of Over 1000 flowers, gathered

in the foothills of India’s most fertile valleys. It has been used for centuries in the

Kama Sutra Indian Sexual Ritual. The Kama Sutra is India’s sacred scripture on erotic love

that stimulated the Eros. This fragrance creates a sensual, stimulating effect on women. The main

ingredient of this cologne is a mixture of the Himalayan Whorl flower, also

known in parts of India as the “whore flower”, because of the rumored ability to

cause women to lose their inhibitions when inhaled. Also the Rangoon Creeper

flower, used in Indian teas as an aphrodisiac. All in a base of the musk

larkspur flower, (see picture on inside back cover) which emits a very strong male

musky animal smell? Through evolution this flower has learned to mimic the smell

of the musk that a male animal would emit, even though it is a member of the plant

kingdom. The reason is simple, the plant wants female animals of all species to

come to it and eat its fruit, so that it may spread its seeds. As seen in the Motion

Picture, “The Happening”. It shows an example of how the plant kingdom makes

and uses neuro toxins that are released into the air we breathe. This stimulates the

insect and animal kingdom to do the work of spreading its seeds and pollen around the

world. Remember, a plant cannot get up and walk around. In short we are being used by the plant

kingdom, now it’s our turn to start using them. We use the scent of musky larkspur and the essence of

1000 flowers, and when combined with the full strength Primal Concentrate, Overkill becomes an

Understatement. When the Taj Mahal was completed, as a symbol of a Man’s love

for his Wife, the main fountain was filled with this fragrance to greet guests.

One Year Supply...$90.00


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Because Heated Pheromones penetrate her noise instantly, her first sniff of

this potent smoke laced with pheromones (Cupid's Spark Formula) sends

a message to her mind to prepare for sex. Heat acts as a catalyst. Exciting

the molecules to a greater activity, thus turning the aromas and Sex

Pheromones into steam! This erotic mist fills the room hovering for hours,

multiplying the sex stimulation to irresistible levels of uninhibited passion,

overcoming modesty and sexual hang-ups!

Mephisto offers Pheromone Products designed to be

used before and during lovemaking. These products

contain both male and female pheromones designed to

stimulate both partners to a level of insatiable

Cupid's Spark Incense Sticks- Bundle of 40: $19.95

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Cupid's Spark Incense Cones- Package of 30: $19.95

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Cupid's Spark Sex Candles- (Wax impregnated with male

and female sex pheromones released when burned.)

Package of 6: $19.95

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