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What Mephisto Products can do for you.

Our subliminal products have the hidden power to sexually arouse women, and eliminate sexual hang-ups, and taboos, by implanting erotic sexual thoughts deep within their subconscious minds where they will surface as their own thoughts, these secret subliminal scripts allow woman to explore their sexuality to their deepest core.

You can also use our products to improve yourself, creating more self-confidence and improved quality of life. So you can conquer any goal you have!

Reviewed By:

Maxim Magazine :

Mephisto Subliminal’s give men an unfair advantage in picking up girls, (all's fair in love and war).

Woman Magazine:

"Women Beware! There are men out there using Subliminal CD's that brainwash you out of your panties, and get you to do sex acts that you never dreamed of. But don't worry girls, they also make subliminal tapes for us to seduce men too."

Chicago Tribune:

"Mephisto's Subliminal scripts are something entirely new in the dating game"

Gallery Magazine:

"she simply can't resist this CD as it changes her attitude toward sex!"

Genesis Magazine:

Mephisto Subliminal's secretly let you sneak into her mind, before you get into her bed you have to get into her head!

On the Air:

The Mephisto Subliminal Seduction Tape Became World Famous When it was Featured Multiple Times on the "Howard Stern" Show.

Now You Can Design your life…

Mephisto Subliminal Technology is the premier developer and distributor of subliminal and life enhancement products, we are recognized as the industry leader in research and development of subliminal stimuli and all of our items are fully tested before coming to market.

Mephisto was the first to produce Subliminal Cassette tapes that sexually aroused women, and focused their sexual arousal on the man playing the Mephisto tape. Reports over the last 28 years dramatically demonstrate that Mephisto has “seduced” millions of women around the world!

We offer subliminal technology for every need imaginable, from attracting members of the opposite sex, improving your golf game, stopping smoking, to improving your job performance and MORE.

We are the worlds only producer of customized subliminal and hypnosis scripts, if you can’t find a script that fits your needs lets us customize one for you.

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